Everyone asks me what Hackers Canyon is all about. I get the question more than most, because I've had my camp set up for such a long time.
I don't plan on telling you everything there is to know about Hackers Canyon. Time will not permit it. Much of what goes on in "The Canyon" is secret. Yea that's right, Secret, Classified, Clandestine, in the shadows. Think about it. Say you know a place that has a cave full of diamonds. That cave is where all can go but few know that the diamonds are there. It stands to reason that if you tell even one person about the cave  you have created competition for those precious diamonds. Hackers Canyon is so big that it would take millions to crowd the cave. That still does not mean that most of us who have set up camp in The Canyon don't protect it a little from those tire kickers that stumble on to us. Only those who truly work at figuring out what Hackers Canyon is will ever reap the benefits of it.

Hackers Canyon was set up by a man called "*******"  You guessed it. I can't say his name. I will call him Dirkster for now. If you met him you would
think he was a simple man. He sure does not appear to be someone you would think controlled such a huge network of people around the world. The day I met Dirkster I didn't even know I was meeting him. He entered my little world,  made conversation with me and disappeared for over a year. We had been talking on the internet for about six months before this in person meeting.

 I stumbled into Hackers Canyon when I was doing some online research about the Russian Mafia. My job at the time put me dead center of a huge investigation on how the Russian Mafia had set up shop in the U.S.. There were several opinions on if the Russian Mafia was controlled by a central organization/sydicate or were just a bunch of thugs from Russia that landed in the U.S. My job, working for the United States Government, at the time was to find that leadership organization if it existed.

I visited an old Russian man in prison who was known to have some of the longest ties to the Russian Mafia. He gave me one name, and told me to contact that
person on the Internet. He mentioned a code word to use when I met my contact on the internet. The person I was to meet on the net turned out to be Dirkster. I went through an elaborate set of directions on the net and after much frustrating searching located  Dirkster in Hackers Canyon. I could never get Dirkster to talk about the Russian Mafia. He would talk around my specific questions. He was very cagey when it came to giving out information.  He said I would soon receive some clues. A few days later I received a Police evidence bag  from the CIA containing the belongings of a very wealthy Russian Gangster that was murdered in Miami. In that bag was a wadded up piece of paper with two names scribbled on it. HackersCanyon and Dirkster.  That was all it said. The Agent's notes on file said they found the paper hid in an inseam of the guys thousand dollar suit. The dead man was a major kingpin in the so called Russian Mafia. That was just too big a coincidence. The old Russian in jail and now this note both with the words Dirkster and Hackers Canyon. It didn't take a genius to see I was on to something. It got even more interesting. A Marine Recon team picked up an old lady in a Middle Eastern Country who had "HC" Tattooed on her hand and would not quit screaming "Dirkster" when they busted the door down on her house in search of a known smuggler with connections all over the world. The recon report  of the squad leader said "She seemed to think yelling Dirkster would protect her from the us. When the Government spooks debriefed us about the mission and looked at the pictures we had of her they insisted we go back that night and pick her up no mater what the cost."  Now you  tell me do I need to say any more? These three events in my life convinced me that  who ever  Dirkster  was he was connected to more than just the Russian Mafia. I soon found myself spending twenty four seven in Hackers Canyon. Then one day unbeknownst to me I met Dirkster. He came into my life in such a quiet un pretentious way that I had no idea it was him. I carried on a several hour conversation with him all the time not knowing that he was who I had been looking for the past eight months.

Come on back to this page and I will tell you about what we talked about and how I figured out weeks later it was him.

In the mean time if you want to snoop around the Canyon feel free to come on in by clicking on my pic above. Hackers Canyon has been in existence, and a real place with real
members since before there was an internet. It had another name but we will tell you about that some other time..........There are very few who have seen all of HC and it took
them many years to see it all.